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Zeenat & Mark’s Wedding at Kincraig Castle

Zeenat & Mark’s wedding was one of my favourites of 2019.   One of those weddings were everything seemed to run smoothly, and on time.  The weather was a little showery but we managed to catch the breaks when we needed them. 

Kincraig Castle looked absolutely stunning on the day.   It was 19th October and the beautiful trees lining the drive and surrounding the castle, were the perfect autumnal colour.   It was the perfect day for a wedding.

Zeenat & Mark were the loveliest couple to work for – so easy going and joy to be around.  I wish them all the very best.   

Why did you choose Andy as your photographer?

We were friends with someone who previously had Andy as their wedding photographer and we were absolutely blown away when we saw their wedding photos and immediately knew that Andy would be the photographer for us. We met Andy and he was so friendly, relaxed and chilled and knew that he would be a perfect fit and was exactly what we wanted as our photographer.

On the day, Andy was absolutely fantastic and was really unobtrusive when taking a lot of his candid shots, and also very precise with timings for group photos and never took us away form guests for a very long time, and was also very professional and well mannered and engaged well with all of the guests who were there, all of whom had really positive things to say about him!

We were absolutely blown away with the photos – the quality of them was absolutely superb and even the photos of Mark, who is usually very camera shy, were fanastic.

The Venue

Why did you choose your venue?

With both of us having lived and grown up in the Tain area, we wanted something that was both relatively close by, as well as also having the fairy tale grandeur aspect to it. The ceremony was held in Fearn Abbey, which was Mark’s family church for generations, and where his granddad, George Gordon, was an elder for many years up until his death.


The reception was thereafter held at the Kincraig Castle Hotel, by Invergordon, and was chosen due to its breathtaking look and views as well as the absolutely amazing hospitality that was received by the staff in the arrangements, and Ray and the rest of the team can not be faulted for anything and were so incredibly catering to a vast array of demands, which were all organised without a hitch. 

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”Kincraig Castle Hotel, by Invergordon, was chosen due to its breathtaking look and views as well as the absolutely amazing hospitality.”


The Vision

Did you have a theme, colour or feel for your day?

The colour theme that was set for the day was a peach colour, with all of the bridesmaid dresses being a peach colour as well as trying to work that into everything such as the decorations and the flowers. The colour may have not been very autumnal, given that our wedding was in October, but we absolutely loved it and the colour theme brought a unique touch to the day! 

As well as that, the rest of theme was a sort of natural / woodland feeling to it. 

Our table names were local lochs from the Easter Ross area, and the table names were hand written by Mark’s sister onto hand cut pieces of a tree which had been felled not far from Tain, and the cake, which had been homemade by a family friend, was covered in an assortment of wild, local berries.

The Decor

How did go about deciding your look?

I always knew I wanted natural looking make up and relatively simple hair. I really wanted the dress to stand out and speak for itself. Sam, my make up artist, was absolutely amazing. I told her about the look I was going for and she completely nailed it. We stuck with neutral colours and a peachy glow.  In regards to my hair, I knew I wanted a low do with strands of hair flowing at the front. I didn’t want my hair to look rigid and painful! Shannon Davidson knew exactly the vision in my head and Incorporated a floral crown to complete the “natural and rustic” theme. 

I kept my jewellery very simply and opted for floral stud earrings only. My dress had a lot of bling and detail so I wanted all the focus to be on that. 

Finally, I knew I wanted a flowing flower bouquet, highlighting the colours of the theme. The Flower Shop included the most beautiful, peach toned flowers and it just completed my look. 

What was the favourite part of your day?

Goodness, that’s a difficult one! Every single aspect of the day was beautiful. It was amazing celebrating such an important day with family and friends. If we both really had to pick one, it would be when everyone danced at the ceilidh. As enchanting as the day was, it was also stressful so it was such a joy seeing everyone let loose and get up to dance; fully immersed in the moment. 

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”Every single aspect of the day was beautiful. It was amazing celebrating such an important day with family and friends..”




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