Group Shot List

Information on submitting your group shot list

Traditional Element

Group photographs still play an important part in today’s wedding photography and should not be overlooked.  These photographs are elegantly posed, evenly lit and include the most important people attending your wedding.  However, I am not a traditional wedding photographer and I work to capture your wedding day naturally by quietly observing, anticipating and capturing those real time moments that tell the story of your wedding.   These images are at the core of what I do, therefore, it goes against everything you see on my website and sample albums to supply me a large group shot list.

Your most important people


When it comes to compiling your group shot list, I recommend you create a list of around 6-10 group photographs including the most important people at your wedding.  For planning purposes, you should budget around 4 minutes per group to account for delays due to organization or availability of guests.   In most cases 20-30 minutes is enough time to complete these photographs.  

Please view (and feel free to copy, paste and edit) a typical group shot list below.  Obviously not every family is straightforward (my own included) but this is to show you what I require.  For example, if parents have remarried and you require a second ‘immediate family’ photo or more than one B&G with parents, then of course that is absolutely fine.  Just make sure to write it down on your list and try to keep it to around the 6-10 or maybe 12 groups.

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