Storybook Albums

Preservation of Memories

A Family heirloom

While we all enjoy looking at photographs on our smartphones and tablets, owning a wedding album holds a special significances.  It ensures that your precious memories are preserved in a physical form that can be cherished for generations to come!

There’s something special about flipping through the pages of a beautifully crafted album. The tactile experience of holding your wedding album in your hands allows you to relive each moment with a sense of intimacy and nostalgia that simply can’t be replicated on a screen.

The album is a carefully curated story of your day, from the anticipation of getting ready to the joy of the ceremony and the celebration of love.  High-quality materials ensure that your album withstands the test of time, allowing you to revisit your wedding day memories for many years.


Storybook albums cost £795. To start the album design process, an initial payment of £500 is required and invoiced separately. The remaining balance is settled upon finalisation of the design and cover options.

If you prefer to receive your first draft design and full gallery at the same time, payment is due before your wedding. Alternatively, you can opt to purchase the album post-wedding. In such cases, the first draft design is typically ready for viewing 2-3 weeks after payment has been received.

The initial draft design includes approximately 40 double-page spreads for full-day photography coverage. For smaller weddings with reduced coverage, options for 20 and 30 double-page albums are available at £595 and £695, respectively.

Parent Albums, exact replicas of the final design, are also available. They are priced at £245 for one and £395 for two.

Album Covers

The album size is 15’’x10’’ (closed size) and there are 4 main covers.

Four cover options

  • Wood (Dark & Nogal)
  • Stone (Coquina & Basalt)
  • Acrylic (photo of your choice)
  • All leather

The Wood and Acrylic covers are available in 8 leathers and 6 linens for the back and spine of the album.  Please see options below.

The Stone & Leather options cover the entire album.

Design Process

To explain the design process –  the initial design is carried out by me and I’ll choose all the photographs that make up your first draft design (approximately 150- 200 images) and around 40 double page spreads.

Upon review of the first draft design, you can make up to 75 changes over two submissions, like so;

Page 1-2 – replace 1234 with 1235, replace 1234 with 1235

Page 9-10 – swap 1234 with 1235

Page 13-14 – remove image 1234.

Following your design adjustments, I’ll implement all changes and upload Version 2 for your review.  Following this, you can make any final tweaks, after which I’ll provide Version 3. Hopefully, you’ll be satisfied with everything, but if further refinements are necessary, please don’t hesitate to inform me. Once your design is finalised and cover options decided,  the final payment is due and your album is ordered, with a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks from the lab.